The Blaster is a semi-automatic weapon. Tap quickly to fire many shots rapidly. This weapon is fairly accurate, and does considerable damage.


The Scatter Gun has a low rate of fire, but deals considerable damage expecially at close range. It fires many low damage projectiles in a single shot, but if you can land the majority of them on a target and the results are devastating.


The Repeater is an automatic weapon. It's rate of fire starts off slow, but as you continue to shoot the rate of fire also increases. However accuracy decreases with sustained fire. So fire in short bursts for optimal accuracy.


The Proximity Mine has uses for both defense and offense. Tap and hold to slowly move a mine away from you. Releasing places the mine, and it cannot be moved again. When a Vectoid approaches, the mine will detonate and destroy it. The number of circles forming the mine crosshair indicate how many mines you have remaining.


The Sniper fires deadly, very fast projecitles which can kill most Vectoids in a single shot. However, you must zoom in to the target before you can fire. With two fingers pinch out to zoom in. Pinch in to zoom back out.


The Laser Fence is a defensive weapon. With it you can draw shapes that will defend you from incoming Vectoids. Start by placing the first point of the shape by tapping. Then look to other locations and tap again to place more points. Close the shape by looking at the point you first started with. When a Vectoid runs into the fence. It will burn up. However, some of the fence's energy will be drained. When its energy is depleted the fence will disappear.


The Blackhole is another defensive weapon. Firing it creates a singularity that all enemies are pulled toward. However, it does no damage to the Vectoids. Instead you must use another weapon to deal damage from a distance.