Defend Your World

You may not have been aware, but we are under attack from unseen creatures. These assailants called Vectoids, are responsible for glitches, and other common problems with computers. The only way to defend against them is by using your iOS device to find, and destroy the Vectoid attackers. Help cleanse the world of computer problems; download Projective now!

Unlock Powerful Weapons

Earn credits by destroying our vectorized foes. Use your earnings to unlock 7 new weapons to defend yourself, or improve your offense.

Augmented Reality for All

Projective is an augmented reality game designed for everyone to be played anywhere. Unlike other augmented reality experiences, Projective requires no additional hardware, or markers to play. All you need is your iPhone or iPad, and quick reflexes.

Push Yourself

Track your skill using Game Center. Compete against other players, and see who can rack up the most points in a play session via 5 experience changing difficulty settings.